We are commonly taught from a very early age that if we have a symptom of any sorts, we take a drug to help with that symptom.  This is very common in today’s household.  As we get older those patterns are shown with the numerous over the counter medications that are available today. If you go to any pharmacy you will see thousands and thousands of different options for many different ailments.  Now what happens when the pain does not go away with over-the-counter medications?  We call our doctor and ask for something stronger.  One of the many medications at your doctors disposal are Opioids.  These Opioids are powerful medications that have severe deleterious affects on the brain and body.  Emergency room visits for opioid overdoses rose 30% in all parts of the US from July 2016-September 2017.  There were areas in the midwest that rose 70% in that same period of time.  So if these drugs have severe side effects and one is in pain, what do they do?  Since 1895 Chiropractors have been helping individuals with a drug-free solution to health challenges.  The best part about Chiropractic is that it can help not only with the health challenge, but also help an individual improve their health overy their lifetime.  Your Nervous System is the master system that controls all vital functions within the body. All of the nerves from the brain have to pass through the first 2 bones of the neck (Atlas and Axis).  Tiny changes in their alignment can cause postural distortions, pain, muscle spasms and changes in the way the nerve functions.  By correcting the upper area of the spine, it can get to the true cause of why there is pain and suffering.   If you would like more information about our office email us at [email protected].