Spinal pain, hip and leg cramps

“Since I have been seeing Dr. Glocke, within 2 weeks, I have no pain in my spine. The muscles in my neck and shoulder are relaxed, hence no pain. Hips and leg cramps are gone. Life is much better now thanks to Dr. Glocke.”

– F. Avery

Limited neck movement, low back pain, severe menstrual cramping

“I felt immediate relief of the limited movements of my neck, like the tension was relieved. And with eight weeks I’ve been under Dr. Glocke’s care, I don’t have low back pain I was accustomed to just living with and he amazed me when he was able to relieve my severe menstrual cramping I was experiencing at the time of one of my visits. Thank you Dr. Glocke for your knowledge and passion of the human body.”

– M. Caldwell

Upper back pain, tension headaches

“I have noticed a significant change in my upper back pain being less painful. I have also noticed that my tension headaches have gone almost completely away, which has also relieved the pressure going into my head. I am looking forward to living a much better life from these experiences. THANKS!”

– S. Crone

Migraine headaches

“I had migraine headaches for 6 years. The migraines have almost stopped completely and I don’t have to take pain meds anymore.”

– S. Dyer

Extreme headaches

“I have had extreme headaches now for three years. I have been coming here for less than a month and am just amazed at how my headaches have lessened. I am so thankful that I started coming and would definitely recommend anyone to come in. It is so worth it.”

– C. Irek

Neck and should pain, muscle spasms, headaches

“Neck and Shoulder pain are gone. Able to breathe and swallow better. Muscle spasms gone and also my headaches are gone.”

– D. La Flamme

Neck adjustments

My neck after several adjustments feels wonderful!!! I can sleep and feel rested. I can turn my neck left and right. I feel much happier and now I have a desire to do household tasks with pleasure. I want to go places and meet people again. I feel like a young woman at 64 years.

– M. Rice

Neck limitations

“After the first adjustment the neck limitations were gone. The second adjustment opened up my chest, back and arms where I felt greater range of motion and breathe. After the first week the skin eruptions were dry, healing was taking place with new skin cells and all itching alleviated.”

– S. O’Quinn

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