One of the biggest complaints I hear on a daily basis is how tired someone is.   Sleep deprivation is a MAJOR problem with today’s fast pace society.  There are numerous factors that can affect our sleep.  Everything from technology, food sensitivities, over stressed lifestyle and one of the things we deal with is abnormal function of the spine.  The spine is a generator that revs up the brain.  If the spine is locked (subuxated) it alters the mechanical information that goes to the brain.  Your body goes into a Flight-or-Fight survival mechanism.  This causes a chemical cascade that can alter ones sleep patterns.  This is a research study showing how getting adjusted can affect numerous parts of your body, including sleep.  Getting the spine properly aligned can have numerous effects on the body, including sleep.    If you or a loved one is having problems sleeping call us for a Free Consultation to see if we can help.  If you would like more information, call our office at 207-846-5100.