On September 18, 1895 a new discipline in healthcare begun.  A man named D.D. Palmer, whom was a magnetic healer, had an office in the Ryan building in Davenport, Iowa.  There was a deaf man Harvey Lillard that was a janitor in the Ryan building.  Dr. Palmer was intrigued by Mr. Lillard on how he became deaf.  Mr. Lillard was stooped over when he heard a “pop” in his neck.  Right after he became deaf.  Dr. Palmer came up with a concept of a “misalignment” of the spine, irritating the nerves of the ear, thus causing his hearing loss.  Dr. Palmer adjusted Harvey and Harvey regained his hearing.  Dr. Palmer thought he had the cure for hearing so he advertised he did.  Hundreds of patients with hearing problems came to Dr. Palmer.  He found that he helped a great number of these individuals but some he did not.  But he also noticed he had other conditions go away.  Conditions like rheumatica, low back pain, headaches, vertigo and so on were helped.  Thus Chiropractic was born.  Today is a special day in Chiropractic because it is one of the few health disciplines that has a philosophy that the body heals itself and that interference with health and healing can be removed.  As Upper Cervical Chiropractors we look to the upper neck for damage and interference with the Nerve System.

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