Damage to the Brain and Sports (Especially Football)

    Contact sports like football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, baseball and basketball are very popular sports.     These contact sports are very tough on the body.  We play them at a very young age and the traumas we experience at 8, 9, 10 years old are showing to have some serious consequences later in life.   Concussions has been in the forefront of the media the past few years.  Next week while you are watching the game, see how many times the head and neck are traumatized.  When this happens to younger individuals  the typical protocol for a concussion is rest.  Rest is very important but one of the SIGNIFICANT areas that is missing within the protocol, is making sure the Atlas is clear of nerve pressure.  There is a “30 For 30” on ESPN  detailing the 1985 Chicago Bears and Jim MacMahon.  He was the QB that had significant brain injuries after playing years in the NFL.  There is a “new procedure” that was done on him to reverse the damage of his brain and improve his memory.  It was an Atlas Adjustment by a Chiropractor I know.  This “new procedure”, in the future, will be the standard of care for anyone who has a head injury.  If you know of anyone that has had an injury while playing sports tell them about this wonderful “procedure”.  Upper Cervical is the missing link to helping these individuals with concussions.  By correcting the upper cervical misalignment it helps repair damage and allow the nerve system to function properly.