Can Neck Pain Cause Tinnitus? Neck pain and Tinnitus

Can Neck Pain Cause Tinnitus

Can neck pain cause tinnitus? – No but neck injury can cause tinnitus and neck injury can also cause neck pain and a whole host of other health problems.  Tinnitus, neck pain, headaches, TMJ and many other conditions can result from upper cervical spine injury. However, the name of each condition does not tell you what the cause is. A diagnosis does little to help you get better.  However, adding habits and procedures into your lifestyle that improve and support normal function of the body can help you recover your health. Having been in practice for 18 years and seen over 10000 patients I will be the first to admit that tinnitus is a difficult condition to fix. We find that about 1/3 of tinnitus is caused by a neck injury.  So, the question- Can neck pain cause tinnitus? Can neck injury cause tinnitus? The answer is yes but it isn’t in 100 percent of the cases. In this article we will discuss a few cases that have entered our office and come out the other side without their tinnitus problems. Then we will discuss how the neck can impact tinnitus and your general health.

Listen to Pat Allen-famous therapist seen on Oprah- tell her story about-Ashe answers the question -Can cervical spine problems cause tinnitus? Tinnitus from neck tension

Neck Pain and Tinnitus-Can Tight Neck Muscles Cause Tinnitus

Can neck pain cause tinnitus? Yes, neck problems can cause tinnitus! But it is more likely it is the neck tension than the pain. Neck pain is the result, the symptom, of neck injury. Just like tinnitus can be a symptom of neck injury.  So, no neck pain can’t cause tinnitus however tight neck muscles cause pain and are an indicator that your upper cervical spine has been injured and the joints in the neck are not moving as they should.  One study shows that some tinnitus may have its roots in clonus (spasming) of two muscles located in the inner ear. These two muscles are controlled by the second cervical nerve root. Some studies indicate that this muscle tightness may be associated with neck injury. Tinnitus and neck tension may be cousins.


Is There a Tinnitus Specialist Near Me?

Our office specializes in a unique form of chiropractic called Blair upper cervical.  The goal of this care is to correct structural misalignments of the neck that were caused by prior neck injury. Spinal misalignments impact the central nervous system, lowering the body’s ability to function normally. This can result in a host of health issues. To answer the question can neck pain cause tinnitus-the answer is yes. And it can cause it when it is NOT in its proper position from an injury that damages the soft tissue of the cervical spine that results in an interference to the spinal cord which cause the body not to work properly. At the end of the day all symptoms and diseases are the result of abnormal function.  One step in recovering from tinnitus for many tinnitus sufferers has been the correction of the upper cervical spine.


Can neck problems cause tinnitus-dizziness?

Rarely is tinnitus found alone. Most patients suffering with tinnitus, also suffer with dizziness and TMJ problems.  There is an interplay between tinnitus, dizziness and tmj. When the upper cervical spine is misaligned, the subsequent neurological cascade can affect the balance centers and muscle tone of the neck, jaw and inner ear.


Tinnitus from Neck Injury-Can a Chiropractor Help with Tinnitus?

If you dig deep enough you will find there are several pieces of research literature that indicate neck injury can cause clonus (spasm) of two muscles in the inner ear that may be related to chronic tinnitus. When someone suffers a whiplash type trauma the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissue of the upper cervical spine become injured. This injury results in biomechanical aberrations at the joint level which can have wide reaching effects on the central nervous system including clonus of the inner ear muscles. Injury to the neck causes tight cervical spine muscles, which then results in decreased joint motion, leading to aberrations in neurological function.  This mechanism must be at the root of why a percentage of patients that undergo Upper Cervical Chiropractic care like Dr. Pat Allen, find relief and recovery form their tinnitus problems.


Neck Problems and Tinnitus-Using Advanced Imaging to Uncover the Cause

Because neck injury can be one of the causes of tinnitus, Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors use advanced imaging in the form specific digital imaging, to precisely locate upper cervical spinal misalignment.  Blair doctors are trained to view the joints of the neck and determine exactly how they have misaligned from normal. By viewing each individual joint of the neck, it is possible to see and measure joint misalignment. Once this information is recorded it is then used in a precise spinal correction which includes no twisting popping or pulling of the neck. The spinal correction is made while the patient is lying on their side and is painless and quick. Once the offending joint is corrected the body will go through a healing process.  The patient is monitored over time to determine at each visit whether they need another correction or not.  While the correction is “holding” in its normal position normal neurophysiology is restored and healing accrues. In many cases tinnitus and other health challenges either improve or fully recover.  Hopefully we answered the question, Can Neck Pain cause tinnitus in this article! We hope this article will reach those who are suffering and in need of help.  We are big believers that for almost every problem there is a solution. Don’t give up on finding the solution to your health problems!

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